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Sample spec sheet for Balinese style home (subject to change):

Window frame/door frame: Mai Tang teak
Interior and exterior doors: 2.2 meters tall Mai Sat teak frame with teak veneer center panel.

WINDOWS: Mai Tang teak & Mai sat teak, with glass panel, set on wing hinge system.
DOOR KNOBS: stainless knob Yale or Haefle brand.
SLIDER and windows: 2.2 meters.
GLASS: green uv reflective, black or clear (plate glass).
FLY SCREENS: Fly screens are included only on aluminum windows

ENTRY SALA (for Bali style houses only)
Ceiling to be made in Conwood.
One set of Double doors With Iseon Handle, dummy & deadbolt.
Ceiling and floor dead bolts

MAIN HOUSE (general info)
Floor tile 500 baht psqm allowance for all floors.
Central hot water through High temperature composite material.
Ceiling fans in all rooms.
Air con included in living room, and all bedrooms.
Stone cladding base on house 80 cm high (300 baht psqm allowance).
Rain Guttering: connected through to water catch system (12,000 liter)

KITCHEN: (silver package) One kitchen included with each house project with a 350,000 Baht allowance.
Hardware: Hafela soft close hardware is standard.
Pricing includes a hard wood kitchen or a high gloss kitchen.
Granite top: it is recommended to keep the granite price below 2,500 baht psqm to remain in budget.
*Oven***Hob***Extractor***Microwave*** are included.
Sink basin: Under mount stainless (double).

floor tile 500 baht. psqm (Stone or tile)
wall tile 400 baht psqm .(stone or tile)
sink top mount or flush mount 2,500. baht limit. Hand carved stone, terrazzo and or hand made pottery available.
counter tops: granite 2,500 baht psqm for stone surface.
sink stand, open, brick and concrete build with tile.
Mirror: Wood framed mirror by design, or beveled glass edge.
Built in drawers
shower fixture VRH (high nickel stainless)
mixer shower: VRH
mixer faucet: VRH
towel hanger (2) stainless to match fixtures.
bidet sprayer baht VRH
toilet Many to choose from at or under 4,200 baht
floor drains. stainless
ceiling extraction fan hatari 1990. baht

Toilet many to choose from under 3,000. Baht
Mixer tap: VRH stainless
Floor drain: stinless
Mirror: Wood framed mirror
shower fixtures VRH
Sink: flush mount or vessel bowl sink, sand stone, terrazzo or ceramic on granite top.
Towel hangers (stainless to match)
Toilet paper rollers
Bidet sprayer: VRH

Ceiling: Gypsum board with ceiling vault , conwood in vault with crown molding,
Or conwood through out.
floor tile 500 baht psqm. Allowance for stone or tile.
pillars rendered concrete finished in same house base stone cladding.
Patios (non covered): allowance of 400 baht psqm.
Fascia and soffit: Con-wood.

AIRCON (location and appropriate size shown in blue prints)
Samsung & or saijo denki
for living room,for master bed,for guest &, TV and smaller bedroom’s(as shown in blue print)
Hot Water.
Boiler. 100 liter electric. (depending on house size)

As shown in blue prints, limit 2,500 baht each.

Gypsum Flat vaulted in living room and bedrooms 2.9 meter on side and 3 meter in center vault.
Bathrooms are 2.7 meter high
Bedrooms, dining rooms, and terraces 3 meters high in center.

Employer my have a maximum of 3 different colors of paint in each house project. There
Will be an additional expense if more than three colors are chosen.
*primer one coat
*lobstersheild or ICI Dulux, washable paint 3 coats
(many different paint companies to choose from)
*wood beggar stain and lacquer 3 coats

Natural colors to match other natural colors in the project.
Tile. Magma Granada
(choice of many colors)
14 baht per tile.

Halogen or LED lighting in down lights.
Wall lights with energy efficient fluorescent.

*wall mount type on house.
*Lighting on perimeter wall.
*Lights on entry pillars (photo switch)
*Out door electric sockets, yes, One on each side of house.

cement ring type,
grey water overflow to storm drain.
Sewage closed soil leach type.
Auto sump well for master bedroom septic only.

3 Phase 15 amp service with 3 phase 15 amp panel.
Sockets: as shown in blue prints and employer may add to the electric system as long as it is done within the period of time before rendering the walls as shown in the contract timeline.

SWIMMING POOL (if applicable)
Reinforced concrete construction.
Stone or tile allowance 400 baht psqm.
Pool lights : depending on pool size
Main drain: one per pool
Pump : one per pool
Filter: one per pool
Vacuum port: one per pool
Foot paths with 400 baht psqm allowance.

*Free form Slate floor.
*Teak wood gate with steel frame and electric automatic gate
*14,000 liter water tank under carport.
*Gypsum ceiling
*Rain guttering
*Con-wood fascia

LAUNDRY: Drainage and electric available as needed by choice of location.

*Soil filled
*Storm drained on two sides
*Small plants around perimeter wall with lava stone boarder’s and
*Several palm trees 15.
*3 broad leaf Trees planted.
*Automatic irrigation, connect to
Pop up sprinklers to water entire garden.
* Water faucets,3 per wall side on full time pressure system.
*Grass planted.
* 6 garden spotlights to be put in logical locations in the garden
* Pump or garden to be set up in the flat roof pump house.
pump will be a 3-5 hp super pump (Mitsubishi) controlled by a solid state timer with micro tech. Size of pump depending on garden plot size.