23/07/2015: Update: There are 3 new large plots available on Hana 3 ranging from 2378 – 2734 sqm. There are also plots available of 526, 593, 1098, 1276, 2334 square metres. Please contact us for an electric copy of the Hana Village 3 master plan and any floor plan requests.


18/03/2015: BIG NEWS! There will be 4 extra plots at Hana Village 3 for pool villas at only 7M Baht! Hana Village 3 is dividing 1 2500sqm plot into 4 600sqm plots for houses hitting the 7M Baht price bracket, 2 bedroom pool villas with a separate en-suite guesthouse, on approx. 600sqm plot with great breezes.


01/03/2015: The Hana Village 2: Hana Mauka coffee shop and office is closer to completion and will before long be serving fresh organic coffee and be a great meeting area for all Hana residents and friends.


20/02/2015: Hana 3 is well under way with numerous homes now coming up. Only 5 plots left for sale!